Saturday, January 11, 2020


Description about MUTUAL FUND:-

Mutual fund also a platform  of investment  money but comparison stock market, mutual fund less risk platform.
Mutual fund also a company  share but increasing and decreasing money prosess slow.
This means if stock market going above then MUTUAL FUND slow going up.
If stock  market  going down then MUTUAL FUND going slow down.
This means  which type of people  don't  want take high risk  then MUTUAL FUND  is a best platform  for that type of people.

Idea of MUTUAL FUND  investment :-

Market  is volotile  so you can not know.which time market  go up and which time market  go down, so you can invest  every month  your little amount  if you want investment. Then if market going  up down you are not going  loss of big this idea you will got average  money of investment. Because  when market  going  down your investment  that time also so when market  going  up you will get some benefit.  Because you are not invest  your money  one time so you will definitely  got some benefit  from MUTUAL FUND. 

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